Happy Mother’s Day!

Hope y’all had a fabulous Mother’s Day! Here is a reading that a beautiful mama shared with me yesterday and I thought how perfect to share with all of you 

There is no other way into the world except through the body of the woman. Woman is the portal to the universe. She is also the womb of Being. Each person in the world commenced life as a minuscule trace within the depths of the mother whose womb is the space where that trace expands and opens to assume human form. In terms of one’s later identity and destiny abroad in the world, this is the time of ultimate formation and influence. In human encounter, there is nothing nearer than this; no two humans can ever come closer than when one is forming inside the other’s depth. Naturally the relationship is hugely imbalanced: the one is a complete person, the other is minuscule and is just beginning a journey towards identity through absorbing life from the mother. Yet within the night of her body, each is helplessly open to the other. No man ever comes nearer to a woman. No woman ever comes nearer to a woman. This intricate nurturing and unfolding into identity takes place below the light in the physical subconscious of her body. The mother sees nothing. The whole journey is a hidden one. It is the longest human journey from the invisible to the visible. From every inner pathway, the labyrinth of her body brings a flow of life to form and free this inner pilgrim. Imagine the incredible events that are coming to form within the embryo; how each particle of growth is like the formation of a world from fragments.

From “Beauty, The Invisible Embrace”, by John O’Donohue.

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