Doula Package

$1100 – $1275

(sliding scale option)


A fun belly mapping workbook that helps in understanding your baby’s positioning and how to optimize it.

1-3 prenatal visits (around one hour each visit). During this time we get to know each other better. I will gain an understanding of your birth preferences and we will go over how I can assist you in having the best possible birth experience. I will also go over some “exercises” that you can do to balance your body, prepare for birth, and optimize baby positioning. 

24/7 phone and email support from 36 weeks 

Continuous labor and birth support. I stay up to two hours after the birth for initial breastfeeding support and getting comfortable

*** I always bring my camera along to my doula clients’ birth. If you are interested in having the first hours of life being documented through photography- this is always an option. During your labor, if/when I am not needed to be “hands on” as your doula, I am happy to photograph your labor.

1 postpartum visit (around 3-7 days after the birth). We will go over your birth experience and I can fill in any questions you have, or moments that may seem foggy, about your labor. I will also check in to see how you are feeling and make referrals as necessary.

Back up

I always work with a network of backup doulas who follow the same philosophies and work in the same style as myself. If for any reason I am unable to get to your birth, one of my backups will be called in. If you would like to speak with her prior, she is more than happy to set up a phone or Skype chat.

Please contact me if you would like to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions regarding my services.

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